About the Brand


Kendi_MooCow copy FA254Moo Cow is an innovative Kenyan fashion label that experiments with new materials and embellishing techniques. Moo Cow refines the outlook, mood and styling of classics and also designs modern urban collections. Inspiration is drawn from Kenya’s multitude of crafts and raw materials as well as the country’s diverse cultures.

Moo Cow bestsellers include suede beaded corsets, decorative beaded Aprons (a tradition-based loincloth accessory) and Grand Kaftans (a Victorian coat-styled kaftan).

Moo Cow designs have a decisive styling and cut and the garments are appreciative of the wearer, who will always feel comfortable and special in the creations. Moo Cow acknowledges that every woman is both unique and uniquely beautiful, and believes her style should augment her individualism.

Moo Cow designer Wambui Njogu likes to feature leather and suede in garments, accessories and trims, as she has a love for this versatile and luxurious material.

Moo Cow has showcased on international catwalks such as Cape Town fashion week SA, Copenhagen fashion week, M Net Face of Africa, Swahili Fashion week, Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) and “Color in the desert” Botswana Fashion week.




” Moo Cow is an innovative brand that draws design inspiration from tribal cultures and from Kenya’s abundant plants and diverse landscapes.

Moo Cow refines the look, mood and styling of classics by combining modern and old world textiles and embellishing our designs with locally sourced and crafted raw materials. The result is unique, contemporary clothing and accessories that reflect Kenyan heritage and craftsmanship.”




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