About the Brand

ProfileJIAMINI, Swahili for ‘believe in yourself’, is a high-end fashion brand creatively run and managed by the Mulli family whose vision is to re-define the art of design and adorn the world with one-of-a-kind statement pieces of high quality handcrafted in Kenya. With its rich heritage as the foundation for design, the brand goes further in adhering to its social responsibility, promoting social change and creating sustainability for many through employment.

A passion for African innovation as well as a continuous search for rare materials and sophisticated technique is part of Jiamini’s creative DNA. The brand is inspired by a deep affection for its African cultural heritage and wealth of design possibilities influenced by the Western fashion scene, giving each distinctively unique piece a mix of contemporary western styling and quality with traditional African materials and technique.

In the brand’s partnership with women’s groups in the local villages, Jiamini has created employment for several women, providing fair pay and healthy working conditions hence creating sustainability for them and their families. In addition to this, the brand has recruited and highly trained its own in house team of women who make the goods largely by hand, using exceptional traditional African techniques and impeccable craftsmanship.

Great influence of culture and locally sourced materials goes into the making of the products. A blend of the materials is what gives each piece its own distinctive look. Whether it’s a combination of the seed beads with brass, top quality hides with 100% cotton printed fabrics, hand-woven sisal patterns with high-finished metals or the horn with antique beads, you are most certainly guaranteed a one-of-a-kind spotlight piece finished to extremely high standards that gets you noticed.



“Art with a passion for self-expression and identity inspired by African pride and design.”