About the Brand


Cimg48REA is a luxury, high-fashion accessories brand which was born in Kenya in February 2012. Started by three Italian women, it is an eclectic place of creativity, design and production excellence that creates modern and stylish accessories.

CREA was conceived to be a 100% “Made in Africa” luxury accessories, couture jewelry
 and home-ware brand. CREA believes in the importance of producing locally as a means of empowering people, and seeks to work on the ground by supporting and training artisans so that they are able to achieve the highest possible levels of craftsmanship.



CREA is a one-of-a-kind brand that uses traditional African techniques to create modern designs which can be understood on an international level.
 It aims to generate social change by promoting local artisans and businesses as well as sourcing all materials locally. CREA believes in the importance of training and helping these local Artisans so that the designs and products can keep up with the competitive world of fashion accessories. It is a fundamental idea of CREA to promote skilled Kenyan artisans so that they are able to eventually set up their own businesses after having experienced the demands and expectations of the global fashion market.

In order to maintain a positive and fulfilling relationship with CREA’s employees, it is important to keep in mind that CREA is not a factory. This is also the key to producing a high-quality, unique and beautiful product.
 As well as having a core team of artisans based permanently at CREA House, CREA collaborates with external workshops who specialize in other techniques and utilize raw materials which CREA’s permanent team do not work with. This helps these local businesses on two aspects; first, given the high standard required by CREA, these external artisans are able to improve the quality of their own products and secondly it helps them expand their business and hopefully create more job opportunities within their own community.



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