About the Brand
jane beading pashmina

Anna Trzebinski is a Nairobi-based luxury brand consisting of handmade clothing, accessories and home furnishings made from the finest raw materials with incredible attention to detail. It is inspired and made by indigenous East African tribes people and it empowers indigenous cultures and promotes the preservation of artisanal skills and traditional craftsmanship. The result is haute chic with a totally unique edge.

Anna Trzebinski is on par with other international brands known for handmade high standard, heirloom-quality luxury such as Hermes, Brunello Cucinelli and Henry Beguelin. What sets Anna Trzebinski apart is its authentic East African roots and production, as well as its long-standing history of local empowerment.

Anna is also the founder and designer of Lemarti’s Camp, the eco-luxury lodge operated by her husband, Loyapan Lemarti, a native Samburu, further demonstrating the depth of Anna’s personal connection to East Africa.

In an increasingly homogenous, non-place-based world market, Anna Trzebinski is an artisanal luxury product that is genuine and desirable because of where it is from. The difference is Anna’s talent for combining and showcasing ancient traditions and skills to create unique items that fire the imagination and desire for adventure and new experiences.

Perhaps a more important difference is the brand´s sustainability ethos where every purchase helps to preserve and empower cultures and heritage in East Africa.




“In my Kenya-based workshop of tribal women, I use authentic indigenous designs as inspiration and draw on the rich colors and raw materials of my native Africa. The Maasai and Samburu people are at the heart of my creativity but the original crafts and traditions of other African tribes and the creations of indigenous people around the world also influence me. My brand has worked hard to earn its place at the highest end of a very discerning market. Timeless designs, beautiful, classical style that looks unique and subtly exotic with details and luxurious embellishments. A beautiful encounter with Africa through craftsmanship with soul.”[spacing]



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