Berlin Fashion Week / Green Showroom

The green showroom is a fashion fair, where materials and designs are displayed against the rundown concrete of the Kraftwerk warehouse. This summer over 50 brands showcased their creations and our Addis designers were right in the middle of it.

As I entered the warehouse, escaping from the blazing heat outside, it was like stepping into a parallel Fashion universe. Crowds of people buzzing through the aisles, looking, talking, touching and judging. scroll down, dive into the Fashion universe and see for yourself whats been happening at this season’s Berlin Fashion Week.

Samra Booth


Meron Booth


Mafi Booth


Ayni’s Booth


Afar Booth


Paradise Fashion Booth

Green Showroom Fashion Show

Mercedes Benz Green Showroom Fashion show, which was the highlight of Tuesday. Where plenty of first row celebrities, influencers and fashion bloggers were eyeing with their favorite looks and designs.