Design Stars from Addis take Berlin Fashion Week

Fashion Week is the time of year when the city fills up and a special vibe flies through the air. Some look forward to it, presenting their new outfits while proudly roaming the streets. Others hide at home in despise of the constant show-offs, who’s who and small talk. Whoever of the two you might belong to, I can tell you one thing for sure: these Hot Addis designers are coming to town and you should make sure you know all about them.

So you don’t need to do the Google homework on Addis’ most wanted designers. I’m going to make it easy for you and give you a short and spicy summary of everything you need to know.

First up is Ayni’s. This Label exclusively works with authentic Ethiopian fabrics and styles, combining traditional styles with a modern twist; they literally make everything a girl’s heart desires. From leather bags to jewelry and even home accessories! The unique designs are so popular that Ayni herself was requested to design a custom handbag for the then secretary of state Hillary Clinton. If that’s not a win, I don’t know what it is.Next is Mafi. The former Hip Hop singer and model created her own brand focusing on style and sustainability. The results are creative casual designs made out of traditionally produced cotton. Not only has she won numerous awards she also provides work to women in Ethiopia that have been oppressed by men in the Ethiopian cotton industry. Saint and fashion genius? Come on!If you have a low-key leather fetish then Meron Addis Ababa might just be the label you were looking for. This brand covers all your wildest leather bag dreams. From handbags to backpacks and fanny packs. They have it all, for all. Men, women, and children. Meron is also a fashion design addict that’s been at it since the age of 13 and literally has studied fashion all over the world. Ethiopia, Delhi, Oslo and New York. No wonder this high-end designs with a clean yet edgy look instantly become a must have!And if you haven’t had enough leather and you need more of the good stuff Samra is the brand for you. The Ethiopian handcrafted leather bags and jackets are a premium quality leather purchase of a lifetime. The distinct geometrical shapes paired with boldly vibrant colors make any outfit complete and therefore Samra makes essential key pieces every closet must have. The label also has a zero waste strategy, so you can enjoy your leather consciously. The question now is: what more would you want?Stay tuned on next weeks blog post and read all about how these Ethiopian stars flew straight through the sky like comets and blew up Berlin Fashion Week.

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