The Eccentric Imigongo Collection By Bull Doff

Designers Laure Tarot & Baay Sooley met in Dakar, Senegal. Shortly after, in 2010, the duo’s fashion label BULL DOFF was born. Dakar, a city that they like to call their refuge became the fundamental source of inspiration for the brand. The city’s busy streets made up of those who inhabit a young and modern Africa; both rooted and changing, as well as the cultural mix of both designers, are undoubtedly the artistic signature of these two storytellers. The brand aims to fuse materials and codes, by daring to approach or break, mix, re-invent, and give both aesthetic and narrative meaning to what they offer to wear, see and hear.

For their Imigongo Collection, Bull Doff creates a resolutely graphic collection revisiting the geometric patterns and colours of the IMIGONGO traditional Rwandan decorative art. Combining these ancestral codes with punk-rock influences, the brand proposes a line of clothing inviting to the universality and the understanding of a modernity that feeds on a crossbreeding that Africa contributes to making beautiful and possible. Take a look at the collection below.