Top African Swimwear Brands You Should Know

Summer is around the corner for those of us who don’t enjoy warm weather all year round and thinking of the beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches has us all excited and anxiously counting down the months till we can soak up some heat. If the weather is almost a good part of the year where you are from then the beach is your close friend so when it comes to swimwear, African brands are a must have in your closet. Below are a few amazing African swimwear designers you should definitely check out when buying your next swimsuit.

1. Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah is owned by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah and is strongly inspired by colour and ethnic cultures. The brand is popularly recognized for its eccentric and unique take on swimwear, using vibrant colours and cuts inspired by an array of African cultures. Strongly influenced by the brand’s African heritage, a blend of retro and various cultures inspired the colours and themes of the first official swimwear collection which launched in 2013.

2. Okun

Channelling a pan-African spirit Òkun is an Africa-inspired beachwear designer brand for men which is revitalising beach life around the globe in vibrant and contemporary African style, prints and colours.

3. Zubaida Zang

Nigerian born designer Zubaida Zang debuted her swimwear in 2015 inspired by laid-back 90’s vibes with Earth tones, spaghetti straps and nostalgic silhouettes. The collection, entitled Wild (Girls of Summer was according to Zang, created for “the girl with a strong sense of adventure, and an unquenchable desire for wanderlust”.

4. Bantu

Bantu is an Ethiopian surf and beachwear brand headed by Yodit Eklund. Bantu uses traditional processes and works exclusively with local vendors and artisans in Africa to make quality products that are functional and authentic for surfers, urban nomads and afro-punks.

5. Kamokini

Kamokini swimsuits are inspired by everything; art, music, African culture, Western fashion trends and an understanding of a woman’s sensuality. The brand is cognizant of the average woman’s true body consciousness and the desire to look stylish when physically exposed.