Why Designers Need Fashion Business Consultancy Services

For many designers out there, creating collections of stylish fashion products comes readily, however, in many cases, the same cannot be said about their proficiency when it comes to the business side of fashion. Having a consultant advise you on many aspects of your career and give you the necessary tools to launch and manage a successful brand is very important in having a successful international business. Like we say here at Fa254, “Everything is about how you tell your story’’ and as such it is important to have an expert who understands the individuality of your brand, tradition, heritage and goals. So, what exactly does a fashion business consultant bring to a designers table? Let’s look at the reasons a Fashion Business Consultant is vital to the launch and maintenance of your brand and why Fa254 is that perfect Fashion Business Consultant.


The product of Fashion, be it a garment or an accessory, goes through the same to take the actual shape that is known as “Design Process.” Finding Inspiration shows the designer’s ability to work on the product which gives an overall idea of the collection to be executed. Inspiration can be found everywhere and the designer has the privilege of exploring all extremes. This is where Fa254’s advice on product development comes in. Fa254 offers consultation services to African fashion designers about their design innovation and creativity in order to build their brands to an international level without compromising their vision & brand integrity.


The brand is perhaps a designer’s most valuable asset, as such developing a strong brand is a designer’s most important task. A brand is more than its products, it is a lifestyle. It is all about perception. Fa254 makes sure your brand starts with an innovative and remarkable product or service built on a standard of quality that solves your customer’s problems. A brand can lend status, enhance an experience or make the price feel right. Your idea’s branding must connect with your customers on a personal level.


Building and defining your brand is important, but it is just the start of a long winding road. Fa254 assists designers with marketing their brands for growth and opportunities. This includes visibility on platforms like the web and social media which is vital in this digital age. Product visibility fosters sales from brand to the consumer.


Whether we like it or not, money is an integral part of a business and it is very easy to mismanage finances. From production to marketing, these are areas which can be a bit tricky to navigate for most designers leading to over expenditures. Fa254 assists designers in assessing their cash flow and business expenses with the goal of managing and reducing expenses which means developing a sound business plan. This is essential to keeping the business on track.