Creative Futures: Talented Ethiopian Designers Go International Exhibition

On the evening of 5th October 2017, the Sapphire Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa was sparkling with avid fashion and design lovers who had shown up for the Creative Futures: Talented Ethiopian Designers go International exhibition. It was refreshing to see that the competition’s winner Mahlet Afework, the creative mind behind the brand Mafi was in good company as the other young designers who made it to the finals showed through their designs that they were brimming with a lot of design talent that is ready to go global. Looking at the luxurious leather bags, the killer shoes, and the enchanting dresses, it is clear as day that these young Ethiopian designers’ creative futures are luminous and with such talents, the African fashion industry will continue to rise.

Fashion Africa 254’s collaboration with the British Council, Goethe-Institut and iceaddis to give professional training to these young fashion leaders was essential for the ingenious as well as the innovative growth of the designers leading to products made out of mastery and prowess. And on this night, filled with laughter, glitz, and prestige, the delightfully crafted products from the creative futures designers enchanted the scene in the most remarkable manner. Check the exhibited products below.

  1. NEGESTI by Aron Senay


2.  ENZI SHOES by Azaria Mengistu


3.TIYAA by Selam Negash


4. ARKIES LEATHER by Elizabeth Mogas