8 African designers to inspire the young fashion industry of the continent

    Image source: zenmagazineafrica.com

Fashion designing is an interesting and creative career option where you can showcase your eye for detail. The Fashion design industry has always been highly competitive and if you want to pursue a career in this industry, you will have to work hard and develop several skills including attending several design classes, one of which is the forthcoming draping class. The UPCOMING DRAPING WORKSHOP  will provide the required skills that will help aspiring fashion designers excel in the industry. As a source of inspiration of what good design skills can lead one to achieve, we have listed below some of our favorite African fashion designers, who have managed to take their talents beyond borders.

Christie Brown

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Christie Brown is a Ghanaian based luxury women’s fashion brand that aims to satisfy the stylish urge of the woman seeking a true taste of neo-African culture.


image source: zenmagazineafrica.com

Alphadi is a Tuareg fashion designer often known as the “Magician of the Desert”. He is responsible for bringing the traditional attire of the Tuareg and Dogon ethnic groups to the ramps. He incorporates his heritage by pairing the cloth with linen textured block-print fabric. It is this intermixing of fabric, and essentially culture, that has paved the way for many other African designers. Alphadi pioneered the first ever International Festival in Africa.

Mimi Plange

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Guided by the principle she refers to as “The Democratization of Luxury”, Mimi Plange creates clothes that are very much inspired by the modern American luxury sportswear tradition, with an infusion of dark romance and aimed at the new, international and democratically-minded consumer. Africa remains a limitless font of inspiration for the Ghanaian-born designer.

Taibo Bacar

image source: taibobacar.com

Taibo Bacar is a brand known for its fusion of high fashion and ready to wear, created in 2008 by the designer Taibo Bacar. Today Taibo Bacar is considered one of the leading brands in Africa. It is determined, delicate, classic and an instantaneous burst of wholesome energy for all women who identify themselves with eclectic style where the silhouette plays a central role.

Doreen Mashika

image source: doreenmashika.com

Doreen Mashika was born and raised in Tanzania and after studying and working in Switzerland, she is now one of Africa’s rising fashion designers.

Adama Paris

Adama Amanda Ndiaye is the woman behind the brand Adama Paris. Of Senegalese origin, Adama perfectly embodies the multicultural stylist of the new millennium. Adama who lives between Paris and Dakar is very much influenced by urban fashion.

image source: adamaparis.com

Bobby Kolade

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Bobby Kolade is constantly upping efforts to reduce the environmental impact of creating and consuming in the fashion industry. All his products are locally produced in Germany and fabric sourcing is handled with care. With a strict no-leather and no-fur policy, the search for comparable alternatives is an integral part of Bobby Kolade’s design process. Some of the brands cloths are sourced from eco-friendly farms in Uganda, or are hand-woven, chemical-free cotton from Ethiopia.

Mustafa Hassanali

image source: mustafahassanali.net

Designer Mustafa Hassanali, a celebrated name in Tanzania pursues fashion as a religion. Considered a fashion guru, his designs reflect the deeply embedded cultural heritage of Tanzanian society along with the avant-garde, Couture and contemporary styles.

Written by: Faith Katunga