How Draping solves designers’ problems

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The creation of fashion products demands, every time a larger involvement from the designers in all stages of the fashion chain, from the analysis of markets, to the spinning, weaving, production and distribution. Over the past years, the technique of draping has grown in popularity in the fashion design industry and we have seen an increasing number of images circulating online of designers and students who are using draping techniques.

The technique, which is used by designers to create garments by draping fabric on dress form after which the pattern is then cut from the draped segments and made into designer’s sample garment is recommended by fashion design experts worldwide. The draping technique opens a very vast field of possibilities in the creation of new products, with totally innovative and differentiated modeling.

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One of the advantages of using draping as a technique is that you can very quickly mock up different ideas on a mannequin to experiment with different silhouettes before committing to the construction of a single idea. For example, draping can be used to enhance the female form as was seen in the Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Lanvin. Most of the clothes are tailored garments in this collection, but Alber Elbaz, who was Lanvin’s head designer at the time, shows some draped details that elevate the femininity of a woman’s body.

Through the effective usage of the technique the fashion designer is able to develop completely innovative pieces, with few seems, that are comfortable, with high quality and aesthetically appealing, that will result in the consumer satisfaction as well as in the satisfaction of the people involved in its production. Clothing items that have all the characteristics mentioned above consequently do well on the market leading to an increase in sales and daily production.

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The draping technique was also used by the late great Alexander McQueen who was a trained Savile Row tailor and is regarded as one of the greatest fashion designers that ever lived. Alexander McQueen remains a force to be reckoned with and learning about the extraordinary creative process that went into his creations, among them including draping, allows designers to attain the level of design mastery that leads to successful careers and ground breaking clothes.

Considering how the world of fashion is constantly evolving, new style trends are coming into play and most people are wearing the same mass produced fashion apparels that are available in the retail stores, Custom clothing on the other hand allows a person to be creative with his or her clothes. Knowing how to effectively use draping presents you with a wide range of fabrics, colors, styles and design options which allows more design ingenuity so that the final products have a touch of originality and rareness and are appreciated by the custom designs loving consumer.

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Fashion designers need to be ever more creative to develop clothes with more innovation, with reduced production time, resulting in differentiated clothing items with low production cost and high profit edge for the companies. Draping helps as the process in its entirety is fast and time saving.

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Written By: Faith Katunga