Highlights from the Mercedes-Benz fashion week 2017 Cape Town

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2017 resumed on Friday 7th at Salt River Studios in Cape Town. The prestigious event brought by luxury vehicle brand Mercedes Benz and African Fashion International (AFI) showcased some of Africa’s best fashion talents.

The closing of The Intern by David Tlale at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017″. Picture: @AFI_sa

The show kicked off with a bang we have some of the highlights from the stylish event.  Setting trends and creating opportunites was the driving force behind The Intern by David Tlale which opened the first day of the fashion week. A design competition that trained five designers under Tlale’s tutorship, The Intern was a successful route taken to promote Africa’s new generation of designers. At the end of the show, Ntando Ngwenya was announced the winner and Tlale’s new assistant designer for a year.

Day one successfully continued with collections from Mille Collines whose Swahili inspired black girl magic collection known as “ We become one” featured models donned in white, sheer, and sneakers. The everyday wear collection showed a skillful mixture of African, Persian and Arab cultures which where articulated with kanga wear and hand-woven hats.

Ituen Basi Show Picture: africanfashioninternational.com

Nigerian designer Ituen Basi who is well known for her use of the popular African print wowed the crowed with her usage of strong structured palettes with hues of Nigerian accented fabric.

Making quite an impression on the audience was Fashion Revolution, an ethical group fashion show from local designers, who made their debut at the MBFWCT. The designs featured white fabric T-shirts with the words “ PLASTIC IS NOT TRASH” written on them, clearly communicating the message of social responsibility, and that waste can be recycled and reused even in the fashion industry.

Ituen Basi Show Picture: africanfashioninternational.com

A force of African fashion, Mozambican designer Taibo Bacar’s Muthiana orera collection, which means Made in Mozambique was simply stunning. Made entirely in Mozambique by Mozambicans, the collection was a perfect embodiment of the theme of the night which was The African Renaissance of young black African designers whose take on fashion successfully incorporates the engineering of high fashion but maintains the authentic wealth of African design, color, culture, identity, and complex character. All of which were perfectly delivered in Bacar’s presentation.

A success all around, the annual event continues to showcase the craftsmanship of African fashion designers as well as supporting aspiring young designers as a way of promoting the beauty of African Fashion.

Written by: Faith Katunga