5 Must have skills that designers can expect to learn at the forth coming draping workshop in Nairobi

The international Draping Workshop organized by Fashion Africa 254 is just a month away and it promises to bring forth the best skills in fashion draping that will play a part in the advancement of the fashion design industry in Africa. Making

its first entrance on the scene this coming April, the workshop which will be held at Mcensal School of Fashion Design in Nairobi will teach designers all about fashion draping and in anticipation we have selected just a few of the must have skills needed for successful draping that designers can expect to learn at the workshop.

Knowledge of Fabrics used for Draping

Fashion draping is the oldest method used since the 18th century and currently considered to be an important part in fashion designing. Being a process that involves positioning and pinning of fabric on a standard size dress form to develop the structure of a garment design, the first and most important step to learn is how to use the right fabric for draping.

Designers need to have the knowledge to distinguish among different fabrics as this will enable them to select the most appropriate fabric for flow and line of each design.

Preparation of the Dress Form

Preparing the dress form involves making sure the measurements are accurate by marking the centerline of the dress form with tape. This helps in keeping the draping even across the body and it is an important step in the process of fashion draping that designers can expect to learn at the Draping Workshop.

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Using a Sketch or Photograph

Having a sketch or reference photograph helps designers have an idea of how they need to manipulate the fabric without just using the fabric and its behavior as the basis of a design. At the workshop, designers can expect to learn how to smoothly transfer their work from a sketch or photograph onto the dress form.

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Creation of the Foundation Piece

Since most fabrics require a foundation piece of some sort to support the weight of the fabric, creating a foundation piece is a necessary skill that is needed in fashion draping. At the Draping Workshop, designers will learn how to create good foundation pieces that can be fitted to the dress form making the process of pinning much easier.

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Draping is usually done in sections: front bodice, back bodice, front skirt and back skirt.

Designers will learn how to choose a spot where fabric folds are most prevalent and begin pinning there as well as how to use the sketch or photograph during this process.

Image Via: Sewcountrychick.com

Obviously these are not the only skills needed for successful draping. A designer needs to also learn how to baste the fabric to the foundation piece, trim off any excess fabric and construct the garment among many others. All these skills will be shared at the International Draping Workshop in Nairobi starting on 24th of April, 2017.

Interested designers can learn more about the workshop here.

Written by: Faith Katunga