Men In Pink

The season is changing. The weather is getting clearer – spring and summer are on their way. It’s the time of the year where bright colors are highlighted in outfits. This applies to men as well as women. This sunny season is the perfect opportunity for men to be brave enough to wear pink.
Most men fear to wear pink because they have the misconception that this color is feminine. We can all remember as children how pink was mostly chosen as the color for female babies and blue for the males. This idea however hasn’t been universal through time. As a matter of fact, children used to be dressed in white in the 19th century. It was only at the end of this century that pink was considered a feminine color. This idea is however long outdated.



Now at our contemporary age, everyone can wear whatever color they desire irrespective on their gender, although is important to have a balanced color palette that match your style well. There are also advantages of wearing pink as man. Many women for example regard men in pink as confident and sensitive. Psychologically, the color pink happens to have a calming effect. It can ease tension, so one should consider wearing pink during business meetings or important negotiations.
Any way you don’t need a strong statement for rocking in pink! Just enjoy its uniqueness and definitely the complements you will be receiving.


Blog post by: Kwadwo O. Ansah – FA254