Every fashionista is a Farmgirl



I would like to introduce you to The Cotton Made In Africa Initiative. This initiative supports cotton farmers to sustain themselves through trade; teaching and training them with experts.

Like The Ethical Fashion Initiative, The Cotton Made In Africa Initiative is not  charity. Their focus is on supporting the local cotton farmers to break out of the poverty circle by training them to be self sustainable. They make it possible for african smallholders to improve their working and living conditions, impacting local cotton farming industries in general.

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/251005379208496471 -  http://www.boutiquetoyou.com

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/251005379208496471 – http://www.boutiquetoyou.com

To me it is incredibly interesting what a huge role the fashion industry has throughout the whole world. Too often we forget, whats behind our favourite T-shirt, hours of hard work and a journey across the planet, sadly most of us don’t care where our clothes are coming from, so it makes it even more important to raise awareness to the people especially in the western world, that even if you are the most popular it girl, a business woman/man with a great fashion sense, or just a fashion obsessed student it is essential to know what story is behind those garments you love so much because at the end oft he day every fashionista is just another farmgirl.

You can start by checking out the cotton made in Africa website!

Blog post by: Isabel Zoe Schrobsdorff-Pabst