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Fashion Africa 254

Fashion Africa 254 is an international social business aiming to enhance the development of fashion industries in Africa and strengthen local markets. FA254 invests in people through training by bringing expertise and knowledge between Africa and Europe.

Rebranding Africa

2 is the code for this emerging and fascinating continent
54 is the number of countries we yet have to discover.

What We Do

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We discover African designers for tomorrow and who they are. Contact us to find out the new talents!

With our centre of excellence and with our experts and collaborators we train the industry. We develop training kits, and we offer workshop programs for individuals and institutions

We present African fashion brands to the European market.  We connect talents to the right platform and give them exposure

“Everything is about how you tell your story’’ Fashion Africa 254 understands the individuality of each brand, tradition, and heritage.

Our Fashion Training programs are done through a mix learning models of online and offline systems to improve the results of the trainee.

Fa254 Shop offers an exclusive online shopping experience of curated fashion items from the best of African designs.

Fashion Africa 254 promotes and offers media exposure through different publishing platforms.

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Our Designers

Designer Directory

Fashion Africa 254 works with Africa’s fashion designers on various aspects of their businesses as a way to build their brands, their design innovation, and creativity in order to promote their businesses to an international level.

  • Paradise Fashion Ethiopia

    Designer Directory, Paradise Fashion

  • Mo-Saique

    Designer Directory, Mo-Saique

  • Monaa

    Designer Directory, Monaa

  • Doreen Mashika

    Designer Directory, Doreen Mashika

  • Anna Trzebinski

    Anna Trzebinski, Designer Directory

  • Adele Dejak

    Adele Dejak, Designer Directory

  • Christie Brown

    Christie Brown, Designer Directory

  • Anyango Mpinga

    Anyango Mpinga, Designer Directory


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  • Yanga Spice Clutch Bag by Adele Dejak

  • Amara Necklace by Christie Brown

  • Kay by Mo-Saique

  • MTINDO Style Movers Rebranding Africa

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